Seven Pillars International School is a globally accredited academic entity that provides a comprehensive British K-12 educational programme. Invigorative teaching approaches and instruction methodologies; orchestrated subjects’ integration; and life coaching, are key elements of its wide range of specialties.

The school emphasizes Egyptian social values and cultural heritage as it provides a balanced learning arena that meets the global standards whilst preserving the national tenets and ideals.

It employs experts in education and first rate teachers who create an interactive academic milieu. Teachers at Seven Pillars International School empower pupils to lead their own learning.

It applies a highly balanced scheme of top quality curricular standards and provides an accelerated array of unconventional extra-curricular activities.

Its campus is equipped with state of the art facilities that support both stimulating and safe learning environments.

Seven Pillars International School offers a multi-dimensional educational system where both, fundamental instructional approaches and teaching methodologies are sensibly selected and craftily meshed with novel and innovative strategies, techniques and styles. It depends on building leaders with distinguished personalities, leaders who can make their own decisions, leaders who are ready to flourish in the near future.

Seven Pillars International School applies STEM learning and Google For Education platform and we are proud to be the first STEM learning and google certified school in Egypt. It’s helping children learn at their own pace, become creative problem solvers, and effective collaborators.

In addition, it holds numerous events throughout the academic year promoting Egyptian and international cultural bridging and exploration. Such events enhance pupils' contextualization of knowledge acquired in classrooms.