Moral and Ethical Qualification

With the influence of globalisation, we believe it is necessary for our pupils to understand how to behave in society. No reference could be more suitable other than our religion to guide them throughout their life.

Academic Qualification

Academic achievement is essential for the successful development of our children in society. That is why we will expose our pupils to the international curricula that enable them to compete with their peers in the educational field. We combine both the Cambridge International framework together with our STEM learning programme and Leader in ME, aiming to reach a compelling, balanced character.

Technological Qualification

Technology provides pupils with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. It enables pupils to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of difficult concepts, particularly in STEM.

Cultural Qualification

Fostering a cultural awareness in our classrooms and demonstrating to pupils that they genuinely care about their cultural, emotional, and intellectual needs. They learn to reflect upon their own culture, the culture of others and culture in general.

Health and Physical Qualification

Caring about our pupils involves both physical and spiritual health. Starting from the morning warm-up exercise, general daily health check, checking on pupils’ meals, teaching personal hygiene care, healthy food campaigns to the open discussions and self-expression are among our daily routine to guarantee that our pupils are healthily qualified. We want our pupils to develop a lifelong love of sport and exercise, not only because of the clear health benefits to the individual but because it also equips pupils with skills to help them socialise, meet new people and make friends in new situations in life.

Psychological Qualification

We train our pupils to be self-confident and accept others’ opinions with great respect. It is crucial to raise our pupils in a safe and happy environment.

Sociological Qualification

Fortunately, social skills and effective communication can be taught. The foundation of teaching social success in Seven Pillars International School consists of many distinct skills: Accepting others, listening actively, resolving conflicts, and taking turns. By learning these traits, children can learn how to interact with their peers, maintain a conversation, and develop personal dialogues with their classmates.