School Bus

Pupils are to leave the school premises by their designated buses. Bus number will be written on the s’ ID Cards.

Pupils must wait for their bus according to the specified time provided to parents at the beginning of the academic year.

Pupils must be seated all the time while the bus is moving.

Any disturbance for the bus driver, the bus chaperon and/or other pupils is not allowed.

The bus chaperon has the authority to assign seating according to the pupils' behavioural conduct.

The school's Disciplinary Policy is applicable on school buses.

Pupils are asked to move quietly from their classes to their busses or to the gate, in their normal route, without passing by the canteen. Busses will leave immediately after school dismissal. No pupil should be late!

Refer to the transportation Guide:

If a pupil wants to take an excuse from the bus, you need to fill in this form here