Community Service

While school life is an immensely rewarding (and fun) experience, it comes with its share of stress. It’s a time when young pupils learn to become independent, manage their time, and find their way in the “real world.” Extra-curricular activities like volunteering can actually help volunteers with time-management and improve emotional well-being. In fact, there are many studies that cite the mental and physical health benefits of volunteering, benefits that can participate in community service encourages pupils to become socially-minded individuals for life.

Volunteering can also help pupils grow in their learning. Through community service, pupils gain real-world experience and practice important habits like leadership, problem-solving, and time-management. Volunteering offers pupils the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to practical scenarios that have real implications. In other words, service-learning opportunities can offer the same skills-boosting opportunities as pupil internships, but with the added benefit of improving the lives of others.